Safety Commitment

We are committed to
Ensure safety and health of all employees including contractors, suppliers and visitors on workplace.
Comply with government legislation and regulation related to occupational safety health and environment (OSHE) issues.
Make continual improvement in OSHE management and performance to improve OSHE awareness on workplace.

We Provide a Safe and Healthy Workplace

PT Prisma Kusuma Jaya committed to providing a safe and Healthy workplace for every one of our people with the aim of eliminating all permanent injuries. We are constantly assessing the workplace for safety and health risks that can place our people in danger. Our commitment to the environment is evident at all our projects as we adhere to strict environmental policies ensuring compliance with local environmental laws and regulations.

To achieve our commitments, we shall:

Establish and maintain continual occupational safety health and environment management system (OSHEMS) including to relevant resources.
Design workplace and the job comply with government legal, regulation related to OSHE.

Provide OSHE education and awareness to all employees to improve company’s OSHE performance.

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