Enggross Yard Project on PT Freeport Indonesia

At PT. Freeport Indonesia, Location at Timika Papua from 2011 - 2018

  1. Pipeline Rehabilitation at Company Site Wide TP1300235-013-002
  2. Pipeline Reinstatement at Mile 21-34 - TP1300235-001
  3. Pipeline line 4 Rehabilitation at MP40-50-TP1300235-012
  4. Pesatering Plant Improvement Project TP1300235-012
  5. Fire Line Connection to MP32 BUS Depot TP1300235-005
  6. Hydrostatic Test Relocation Pipe Ridge LIP Camp TP1300393-001
  7. Pipe Replacement at DWP TP1300235-011
  8. Fire Supperssion System Pipe Repair Works at KPI Shop TP1300235-010
  9. Pipeline Repair Project Support Service TP1100607-001
Fencing Construction

At PT. Freeport Indonesia, Location at Timika Papua from 2012 - 2017

  1. Mill Concentrating Security Enhancement at TP1300235-008
    Scope of Work Perform Security Systems enhancment at the mill, include the surveying services, site preparation, excavation, site construction, concrete works, steel or structure works, electrical works, accessories and fixtures works, commissioning and finishing works.
  2. Fence Perimeter Replacement Project Mozes Kilangin at TP1200174-001
Civil-Mechanical Electrical Construction

At PT. Freeport Indonesia, Location at Timika Papua from 2015 - 2018

  1. MP74 Mill-Production of Safety Giant Berm & Cable Fence at TP1300235-004
  2. Construction of Anfo Storage at MP32 LIP SD Yard TP1300160-001
  3. Lowland Security Check Point Roofing Upgrade TP1300138
  4. Welding Services at Critical Projects at Portsite and Highlands Area TP1300235-014
  5. WTP Cooling Tower at Power Plant C TP1300235-006
  6. Civil Work of 20KV Distribution Line Feeder at MP21-MP28 TP1300235-003
  7. Installation Drainage Precast at Highland TP1300235-016
  8. Renovation and Extension Inland Terminal Mozes Kilangin Airport TP1200333-001
  9. KPI Bus Depot Washpad TP1300235-002
  10. Construction Civil Services to Support Completion of Superblock Project TP1300235-015

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